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Our 14 chalets provide you with the basic modern amenities away from the distractions of modern times and enjoy the tranquility & peacefulness that Janda Baik has to offer. As we would like to encourage our guests to immerse themselves in the beauty that nature can offer & create an environment where one reconnects with each other, we do not have distractions of technology in the chalet such as TV. TV are located at the common areas. We do not have wifi - Talk to each other. Pretend its 1995 😁

File 21-01-2017, 12 04 33.jpeg
Lake View Chalet


1 Queen Bed OR 2 Single Beds






No of unit: 6 units



2 units  Interior - Queen Bed


4 units  Interior - Twin Bed

Pegaga Cottage Exterior.jpeg
a rv interior.jpg

Interior - 1 Queen Bed & 1 single bed.      Free additional 2 mattresses  upon request

River View Chalet  


1 Queen Bed & 1 Single Bed






No of unit: 8 units


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